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We're building a network of websites that people can depend on for the products, services and content they need on a daily basis. We're not just here to copy what others have done, we're here to improve it by offering things in a way that no one has done before us and we will continue to innovate in our pursuits of being different than everyone else. Apple didn't become Apple by copying Microsoft, it was the other way around. Microsoft became Microsoft by copying Apple. Apple is a leader in the consumer electronics industry, everyone else follows them and copies what they do. Google become google by looking ahead into the future and building something in the present that no one had thought about before them, they played a massive part in the life changing innovations that have occurred over the last 17 years. Just like these companies who came before us, we will strive to become a leader in the digital media industry with websites that exceed the expectations of our users and provide them the solutions they need on a global scale. We are Internext Ventures and we will always strive to make you happy in our daily interactions with you, whether it be through emails, sms, YouTube videos, tweets, blog articles, Facebook post, pins, Instagram images, live chat or phone calls.No matter how you choose to connect with one of our brands, we will take your experience into consideration at all times.


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